Abc weather servic더킹카지노es spokeswoman Catherine McNeill said the agency had received a number of reports that people had been injured during the fire.

“At the moment we have no other details to suggest this is linked to an accident on this particular road,” she said.

The incident is the fourth time this year it has been reported.

Image copyright Met Police/SIPA Image더킹카지노 caption Firefighters were called to the scene

Image copyright Met Police/SIPA Imanatyasastra.comge caption There is a fire near the junction of Sainte-Paul-de-L’Alme, St Vincennes and La Rochelle boulevards

Image copyright SIPA Image caption The fire was extinguished by 12:00 BST

Image copyright SIPA Image caption Rescue operations are continuing into the night

In November 2016, 18 people died after the fire on France’s central promenade.

In August 2016, more than 600 firefighters, including six helicopter crews, tackled the blaze which spread through woodland and led to more than 800 homes damaged.

In 2009, more than 656 people lost their lives in fire at the entrance to the Bicêtre area of Paris.

France has been on a series of emergency operations, with the Paris region home to some 1.4 million people and the region’s centre having the third largest population of people in France.

Since the Paris attack, there have been several high profile bombings in the capital which have injured 31 people.

Three people were shot dead by police during the raid in December 2015.