Tip shop takes heart in council move.

Seymour Mayor Tom Wheeler

Heather Burden, a lawyer representing the owners of The Cane, and her husband, Paul, said the mayor and other city officials are looking for a way to avoid the controversy of a formal lawsuit that could take years to resolve.

Burden said Monday that when she called council on Monday night, the only comments Wheeler received were from the mayor “to바카라 say we are all here to support you,” and that he was not in attendance, a council spokesperson said.

The Cane owners, both of whose backgrounds are in food, are “curious as to why they were allowed to remain open without the notice of the town of Seymour,” said lawyer Chris Naylor.

Watson said in a statement Monday that the owners have the right to open their business without the town’s consent.

The town does not need tnatyasastra.como sign off on the business if it doesn’t nenatyasastra.comed city help, he said.

“As you can imagine, this will be an extremely difficult case to bring in court,” he said.

The owners said they were looking forward to sharing a story about how Seymour has influenced their lives.

“Seymour has inspired us over the years, both during my childhood and my retirement, with its ability to bring us from the bottom to the top of any food we might eat,” said James Watson of The Cane in a statement. “We’re eager to tell our story in an open and honest manner and hope this community will support us.”

Mayor Tom Wheeler told reporters Monday morning at town hall that when he told town staff members about the controversy Thursday night, some people in the room seemed concerned but weren’t worried about it.

“I don’t think I ever really worried because everybody said, ‘OK, there is nothing to worry about’ and we were on the path to getting the permit,” said Wheeler, whose job allows him to impose restrictions on what can be served at the store. “Nobody gave them any reason to fear.”

The town will consider whether to grant a permit to The Cane if it can’t reach an agreement about the food business without a formal lawsuit, Wheeler said.